The Beehive Encyclopaedia: Journalists

Journalists is a very broad term used to describe professionals who gather, assess, create, review, edit and present news and information to the public. They may work as reporters, editors, correspondents, columnists, or in a number of other roles that involve researching and disseminating information – usually thorugh newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online platforms. Few people realise this, but the informaton chain is a long chain involving hundreds of people and roles, and often more than one company or organisation (for example, newspapers often buy articles from news agencies who get their articles from international correspondents). In this process, depending on how many people review and verify content, the skills of those people and their conscious or unconcious biases, errors can happen and misinformation and political agendas can be passed along.  

Journalists play a crucial role in democratic societies, acting as a “fourth estate” that keeps the public informed and holds power to account. When they are partisan, have an agenda or hold political ties with governments and private companies or individuals, however, they can also reinforce and protect those in power. 

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